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VISD Transportation Department is Accident Free this School Year

Since the school year started in September, Victoria ISD’s transportation department has been accident free on the roads.

The transportation department is tasked with transporting students to and from campus in the mornings and afternoons, field trips, and to and from athletic practices and events.

 “We have laid out a solid foundation of training for our drivers,” explained VISD Transportation Director Angie Sherman. “While we have not been able to hold safety trainings in large groups as we have done in the past, our drivers have kept the training top of mind and are ensuring our students are transported safely.”

In September, drivers logged 3,653 hours driving morning and afternoon student pickup and drop off routes. Drivers logged 4,890 hours of accident-free driving in the month of October. Over the same two-month time period, approximately 13,000 miles were driven for athletic purposes.