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Input Sought from Students, Parents, and Staff for 2021-2022 District Academic Calendar

In years past, the district calendar was designed to follow state law requirements of 75,600 minutes, 180 instructional days for the school year, the school year beginning during the week of the fourth Monday in August, and the school year not ending before the 15th of May.

As a District of Innovation, VISD is allowed local flexibility when building the district calendar. One area where flexibility exists is with the first and last day of instruction. This allows the district Calendar Committee additional options in scheduling the school year's start and end dates.

The Board of Trustees approved VISD's District of Innovation status in March 2016. A District of Innovation designation may not exceed five years; VISD's designation expires Spring 2021. At that time, the district will provide a new District of Innovation Plan, supporting one or more areas for innovation.

Students, parents, and staff who would like to provide input in the design of the 2021-2022 district calendar can participate in a Thoughtexchange by visiting