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Liberty Academy Teacher of the Year

Ms. Guevara has worked as an educator and with VISD for 17 years, with five years in her current position as an AVID Coordinator.

As the AVID Coordinator, she works with early college students on a daily basis, as well as those students who need help graduating high school.  She is an educator that believes in the program she is involved in at Liberty, and because of this, she works hard to make sure that each student can be the best they can be. She is dedicated to working as hard as she can for her students, whom she considers her own children.

“I make sure each one of my kids believes that they can make their dreams a reality when they work for it,” she said. “I work hard to make sure they can be the best they can be.”

Mrs. Guevara has made it her mission as a teacher to help struggling students graduate. Even though she enjoys teaching, it is not always an each task, but she sees her students as inspiration to keep going.

“When I am able to watch my students accomplish their goal by walking across the stage to receive their high school diploma, I know all of my hard work was worth it.”

Thank you, Ms. Guevara for you hard work and dedication to our students! #VISDProud