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Tardies On the Rise!

Has your child ever woken up late, missed the bus or forgotten to set their alarm?

These situations occur quite often and cause students to be late for school.
Unexcused tardies at Liberty Academy are on the rise and are a disruption to the classroom environment.
Research shows that making school attendance a priority helps students learn both work and study habits that will not only serve them well now, but throughout their adult lives.  Grades and test scores will also rise!
Tardy Policy
  • 1st Tardy - Warning
  • 2nd Tardy - 30 minute Teacher detention
  • 3rd Tardy - 30 minute Teacher detention
  • 4th and subsequent tardies - Office Referral
Being late for school hurts a child's learning and a student who is 10 minutes late every day
will miss approximately 30 hours of instruction during the year.