Liberty Academy

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National Honor Society

Character    ~    Scholarship    ~    Leadership    ~    Service


Faculty Advisors
Kelsey Jan, Desirae Ybarbo

Purpose:  Service to the community, building character, leadership, academics

Membership:  By invitation only

Meetings:  1st and 3rd Tuesday after school from 4:15 pm to 4:45 pm and
     Tuesday during advisory club week in Room 115


The Four Pillars of NHS


Character is an abstract evaluation of integrity, for it is the sum of one's qualities and actions;
Character is not defined by what you did one time, but by what you do all the time and is therefore an essential
manifestation of who you are.

           Scholarship is a student’s dedication to academic achievement and knowledge acquired through study.



Leadership is a student’s ability to act as a role-model and have a positive and constructive influence on his
or her community.

Service is a student’s will to enrich the lives of others through dedicating his or her own time to make a difference.