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Melinda Guevara



Melinda Guevara holds a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Education from Texas A&M Corpus Christi and she certified in the field of Occupational Education.  Melinda has over 17 years in the education field and she has been the AVID coordinator at Liberty Academy for 5 years.  As the AVID coordinator she works with the early college students on a daily basis.  She is involved with each of the programs at Liberty Academy/VCAL.  Melinda works with at risk students who are in dire need of graduating high school, and she puts in as much work as she needs to help these students earn the credits they need to graduate.  Melinda is an educator that believes in the programs that she is involved in at Liberty Academy, and because of this she works hard to make sure that each student can be the best they can be.  She is dedicated to working as hard as she can for her students and she continuously sees students as her own children.  Melinda makes sure that each one of her students believe that they can make their dreams a reality when they work for it.  She sees her students as an inspiration to keep going on the days that she doubts her abilities.  Melinda has worked hard to reach this point in her career as an educator and every student she has taught is proof of the kind of teacher she is.  She has made it her mission as a teacher to help struggling students graduate.  This is shown in her late evenings that she works throughout the week to help students spend as much time as they can to work on earning their credits.  Even though Melinda enjoys working with her students, it is not an easy task all the time.  However, she finds that all the hard work is worth it when she is able to see her students walking the stage at graduation.