VISD Success Academy Students Begin Dual Credit Course

On February 14, thirteen VISD Success Academy students began a Pharmacy Technician course offered through Victoria College’s Allied Health Continuing Education program. 

This continuing education course is taught during the Spring semester and provides students with the necessary training and skills to earn a certification after successful completion of the course. 

Students were required to apply for admission to Victoria College and complete all admission requirements.  The students were also required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is now a high school graduation requirement. Naomi Jacinto, VSA at Victoria College Counselor and the Victoria College Financial Aid Office assisted the students in completing the financial aid application. 

“I’m proud of the kids for taking a step towards Finding Their ‘&,’” said Jacinto.  

All students were awarded a scholarship of $780. The remaining tuition was paid by VISD. Jacinto reached out to Workforce Solutions Golden Crescent in search of programs available to assist students with additional costs. Kissha Gauthier, Lead Career Counselor at Golden Crescent, advised her of the  Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) program for her students. The WIOA covered the cost of scrubs and other supplies needed. In addition, WIOA will cover the certification exam fee for participating students. Upon completion of the Pharmacy Technician program, students will receive an incentive. Students who are graduating from high school this year will receive an additional incentive from WIOA. 

We are #VISDProud of these VSA students!