Liberty Academy Credit Recovery at Victoria College (LA@VC) students recently received hands-on assistance from Victoria College (VC) counselors to complete college applications through ApplyTexas. 

Approximately 80% of students have completed applications and have been accepted. VISD hopes to have 100% of LA@VC students apply for college through ApplyTexas before Winter Break.

In the meantime, students are busy learning about the opportunities and class options VC has to offer for the Spring semester.

After a sudden relocation of Liberty Academy to the Dr. Robert Jaklich Conference Center, VISD and VC partnered to provide a college prep program opportunity for Liberty Academy Credit Recovery students.

LA@VC kicked off its inaugural year on Monday, Oct. 18, 2021, with full enrollment in six classroom sections of 20 students each.

In addition to providing classroom space on their campus, VC has provided supplemental support, including access to free tutoring for credit recovery classes and assistance throughout the college application and FAFSA application process. The college has also provided counseling support to help students meet their goals and determine what degrees or certifications options available at VC are most appealing to them.