teachers of the year

On Monday, May 2, at the Teacher of the Year banquet hosted by Victoria ISD, Jessica Garza was selected as the Elementary Teacher of the Year, and Karew Schumaker was selected as Secondary Teacher of the Year.

Jessica Garza, a kindergarten teacher at Smith STEM Academy, is teaching in her seventh year. Garza has been an elementary teacher at multiple VISD campuses, including Crain and Hopkins Elementary. 

Ms. Garza is passionate about building positive relationships with her students and parents.  Garza has also integrated many aspects of project-based learning within her classroom to ensure that all of her students have the most engaging experiences and are challenged academically.

Karew Schumaker, a science teacher at Victoria West High school (VWHS), is in her ninth year of teaching, all of which have been at VWHS.

Ms. Schumaker ensures that education goes beyond the classroom by utilizing a multifaceted approach. This stems from her passion for establishing mutual respect both in and outside her classroom. Schumaker takes pride in getting to know all of her students to show that she cares and is invested in their success. 

Garza and Schumaker will move to the regional selection process for the Region 3 Teacher of the Year, conducted in June and July. Garza and Schumaker are both candidates for their respective grade levels.

Photos from the banquet can be viewed HERE

Congratulations to the VISD 2021-2022 Campus Teachers of the Year:

VISD Head Start - Jessica Rodriguez

Aloe Elementary - Mancie Beck

Chandler Elementary - Margaret Hamon

Crain Elementary - Kathleen Cranna

DeLeon Elementary - LaChelle Speaker

Dudley Elementary - Brandi Salazar

Hopkins Elementary - Kimberly Varela

Mission Valley Elementary - Tara Payne

O’Connor Elementary - Ricci Hernandez

Rowland Elementary - Amy Kocian

Schorlemmer Elementary - Kelly Moore

Shields Elementary - Jennifer Ortman

Smith Elementary - Jessica Garza

Torres Elementary - Heather Neuvar

Vickers Elementary - Kim Bonewald

Cade Middle School - Casey Sherman

Howell Middle School - Evelyne Conway

Patti Welder Middle School - Tracy Montez

Stroman Middle School - Michelle Flores

Liberty Academy - Gerald Garza

Victoria East High School - Joshua Chaput

Victoria West High School - Karew Schumaker

CTI - Kayla Sralla