Victoria ISD’s Office of Innovation will be hosting its second VISD Finding Your “&” CHOICE Expo on Tuesday, January 10, for all students and families interested in learning about CHOICE Schools in VISD and other programs and pathways available to students. 

The expo will take place from 6 to 7 p.m. at the VISD Success Academy (original Stroman campus) located at 3002 E. North St. The expo can be accessed from the parking lot of Ben Wilson. 

The expo will be a booth-styled event with teachers, students, and parents promoting choice options in VISD. Participants will include Advanced Academics, Career & Technical Education, P-TECH pathways, Counseling, Personalized Learning and STEM Pathway schools, Pre-Kindergarten, the Multilingual Department, Fine Arts, Summer Programs, and VISD Connections.

To learn more about our CHOICE Schools, check out these campus promotional videos

Smith STEM Academy

STEM Middle School

O’Connor ACE Elementary - Website

Hopkins Elementary, a personalized learning campus

Shields Elementary, a personalized learning campus

Patti Welder Middle School, a personalized learning campus

Visit for information about CHOICE in VISD.